Hi, I'm Angie. 

Inspired by emotion, light, connections, texture, movement, music, and nature.

Always compelled to create throughout my life, I've happily floated through phases of writing, painting, papercrafting, and other various art forms, yet the one constant has been to surround myself with and create images that make me feel something.

As a new mother who would have given anything to slow the passage of time and preserve sweet babyhood just a little longer, I came to discover my deepest fulfillment lay in parent and child lifestyle and documentary photography. From the beautiful curve of a pregnant belly, to the miracle of birth, and chronicling beyond into early childhood. I document authentic moments--big and small--for your family. Emotions and connections so real you feel them to your core.

The beautiful mess of childhood.

I simply adore the vision, the backstory, and the products of photographing little ones and those who love and care for them. It's been 7 years now since those first families entrusted me with their memories, and with each passing year I feel even more blessed to be doing what makes my heart sing. And now I'm also grateful to be teaching other artists how to make meaningful art and grow their own businesses.

A bit more about me?

I'm a West Coast transplant currently making the most of life in the DC suburbs. A wife to my patient hubby and mom to 3 + a dog. I love to be outside with my family--hiking, camping, traveling to new places and exploring cultures and foods. I am a progressive Christian. I was a first and second grade teacher for 5 years. I enjoy writing--both freelance and personal projects. I was an All-American distance runner in college and I still enjoy running, but just for fun these days. I am the eldest of 5 kids. Tea, chocolate, and baby animals are my jam.


Thanks for stopping by my page. I hope this is the start of our journey together.



Some photos of my own family: