{USB Memory Direct Review} My new favorite flash drives!

Anyone who has worked with me knows I like to make a great impression and presentation with all that I offer. It begins with steady video footage, thoughtful compositions, and keen observation as your storyteller. It ends with highly refined editing of your film, gorgeous prints, and stunning albums. I simply won't compromise on quality and beauty.

So when USB Memory Direct reached out to me to ask if I would like to try out their custom USB drives, I said sure, sent them a jpg file of my logo and my top choice in material, and waited to see how their quality would measure up to my standards. I didn't have to wait long, as my drives arrived quickly and safely. I was also impressed at their customer service throughout the process. They answered my questions quickly and effectively. 

angie klaus photography-0095.jpg

When I received my drives, I gasped at how lovely they looked and I noticed that they were individually packaged to preserve the raised ink of the embossed logos. I had been concerned that my logo subtext would not show up well because it's so delicate, but I was thrilled to see I can make out every letter clearly and the design looks absolutely perfect!

angie klaus photography-0087.jpg

There are many materials available to choose from for the custom drives, and I selected bamboo because it reflects my minimalist and eco-conscious brand. I love the variations of the bamboo; each drive unique, just like the stories I create for my families.

angie klaus photography-0080.jpg

I was honestly impressed with all aspects of the USB drives. Every drive in my set looks and feels great. The caps attach with magnets for a nice secure touch. I couldn't be happier with them, and I'm so excited to present my clients with these lovely branded drives filled with their keepsake photo and video stories. They are also a great value! The only sad part is I now have a small stash of my old unbranded USB drives in my office that are no longer getting any love...because I have found a new favorite drive for my clients and don't plan to ever go back!

angie klaus photography-0090.jpg
angie klaus photography-0079.jpg

If you are a creative in search of a special way to share your art with your clients as a high quality extension of your brand, I highly recommend checking out USB Memory Direct. The good people over at USBMD were kind enough to give my followers a 10% discount! When placing your order, simply use PHOTO10 and let your account executive know the discount is from my blog for their tracking purposes. 

Happy creating!