mentoring opportunities

{all mentorships begin with a questionnaire to assess background, goals, and needs}


Stills or Video Portfolio Review - $300

Submit a 50 image portfolio for review OR 1 film/fusion video

Film portfolio includes recorded video feedback as I view your film

One hour video chat to review and discuss your portfolio, along with written feedback assessing strengths and areas to focus on for personal development or in preparation for applying to a Pro program



Website Review - $300

Submit your website along with any specific areas of focus or concern

Includes recorded video feedback as I navigate your website from the perspective of a potential client

One hour video chat to review and discuss your website, along with written feedback assessing strengths and action items



Editing Demo - $300

Watch Angie edit up to 10 of your images by hand in Lightroom OR edit 20 of your video clips/stills in Premiere Pro complete with effects, color grading, and export settings to simulate a short film

Ask all your editing questions during our video chat!



Open Book Q&A Session - $250 / 90 mins or Bundle of 3 (90 min) sessions / $650

Video chat to discuss your personalized topics and to answer any spontaneous questions

Topics include general business advice, keeping clients happy, marketing and pricing, shooting advice and instruction for photography, filling in knowledge gaps or advanced techniques for videography, birth photography business guidance, family photojournalism, maintaining work-family balance, effective parenting as a busy and tired parent (I have three kids of my own along with several years as an early elementary teacher, with a MA in teaching), applying to Pro programs or stock photography sites, pushing yourself in your personal work, overcoming a creative slump, pitching to companies for sponsorships and product trials, etc.

All About Birth Photography - $450

Online self-paced birth photography course, plus a one hour video chat to answer your questions and help you develop an action plan to jumpstart your birth photography business!


Business Besties -

One Month / $1000

Two Months / $1800

Six Months / $2500

Initial video chat to determine your needs and goals

Website critique with recorded video feedback

Mini Portfolio review (20 images or 10 images + 1 film) or full portfolio review for Six Months package (up to 50 images + 2 films) recorded video feedback and written feedback

Private Facebook group for the two of us to keep in touch and to keep track of submissions and feedback, answering questions, pep talks

Access to my virtual learning library: including business and creative resources, templates, articles, and more!

2 x 90 minute video chats (4 for the Two Month mentorship, 6 for the Six Month) on your choice of topics...ask me anything and/or watch me edit whatever project I’m working on at the moment!

Feedback on personal and client work occurring during our time together

Topics can include: general business advice, keeping clients happy, marketing and pricing, branding, shooting advice and instruction for photography, filling in knowledge gaps or advanced techniques for videography, family or birth photography business guidance, family photojournalism, maintaining work-family balance, effective parenting as a busy and tired parent (I have three kids of my own along with several years as an early elementary teacher), applying to Pro programs or stock photography sites, pushing yourself in your personal work, overcoming a creative slump, pitching to companies for sponsorships and product trials, building confidence, and other areas that you might feel a tug to cultivate. I am here for you, and for me, this is the most intensive and rewarding type of mentoring that fills my soul.  



Filmmaking from the Ground Up: Video Storytelling Private Instruction - $700

The online content is self-paced, but we aim to complete instruction in 4-6 weeks

Learn how to create films and fusion videos with emotion, meaning, and beauty...tailored to family films, birth and babies, personal work, or a mix!

Lessons are delivered via reading materials, supplementary links, and video tutorials. I am at your fingertips (via our private Facebook group) to help you absorb it, work through questions and concerns together, and cheer you on every step of the way!

Includes access to my virtual learning library: including resources for business and work-life balance, video tutorials, client questionnaires, templates, and more!

2 x one hour video chats (to answer all any questions you may have with your practice, and the opportunity to watch me edit live in Premiere Pro or any other requests, such as to see whatever project I’m currently working on, stabilization virtual help, etc.)  

You will learn shooting techniques, storytelling techniques, color correcting/grading and video editing skills, shooting for the edit, how to select and edit music with intention, capturing and layering meaningful audio, recommended gear, optimal settings, how to incorporate films (intro to pricing/portfolio building/marketing) into your business, and how to stay creatively inspired filming personal work.

Submit simple but effective assignments along the way, with a final project in which you will create a meaningful film for your own family (including formal written and video critique). Two additional future projects may also be submitted for written feedback within the next six months.



In-Person Mentoring - $1300

A full day of 1:1 instruction on your topics of choice

Includes lunch and refreshments

plus one hour follow-up video chat within six months

*Travel and accommodations not included


Why Angie?


  • Her work has been featured numerous times in Huffington Post and also in BabyCenter, Birth Becomes Her, Adorama, In Beauty and Chaos, and other photography communities

  • She has published articles on photography and videography, and is featured in Click Magazine, Dear Photographer, Adorama, and Posh Seven magazine

  • Angie is a 2017 Looks Like Film Artist of the Year

  • She taught two videography classes at Click Away conference in February 2018, where she was sponsored by Sigma Corporation

  • She is a Click Pro with Clickin Moms, since 2016

  • Angie has experience as a stock photo and video contributor for both Offset by Shutterstock and Cavan Images

  • Angie has experience working with high profile clients such as professional athletes, artists, and actors

  • She earned a Masters of Teaching degree in 2004 and has taught photography concepts to small groups in the past, launching her private mentoring program in 2016

  • Angie is a guest instructor for the Unraveled Academy and has been a guest judge for Birth Becomes Her and Clickin Moms image competitions

  • She accepts a very limited number of mentoring spots each month to ensure that she can focus on those relationships and help her students to grow

  • Angie is known as a leader for peers in the photography industry, providing technical and artistic guidance, friendship and support, and an overall positive spirit. She has also demonstrated leadership throughout her teaching career, as well as being voted college track and cross country team captain and Team Unity award recipient

  • Angie is a successful birth and family photographer (since 2011) and videographer (since 2015) as well as a mother of three, who understands that there simply aren’t enough hours in each day to be and do all the things that call our name, but believes that through persistence and focus we can produce work that fulfills us and create a sustainable business that makes us proud

What others are saying…

"From the very first contact, Angie was warm and thoughtful. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does as a photographer and filmmaker, but her ability to instruct is beyond measure. I found Angie to be incredibly easy to work with as she was relatable in the sense of understanding the struggles of starting a business in this industry while also being a mother. Her form of instruction is clear and well thought out. I was able to watch as she gave an informative presentation without losing interest in any of the information. She is fun and energetic and keeps the learning environment light while still being instructional. I really enjoyed hearing her examples of different angles and techniques she uses in her own filmmaking and found the demonstrations to be extremely helpful!" MG

"I've gotten to the point in my photography business where online classes are too general to be of use. I still have questions and struggles about moving forward and improving - it's just gotten harder to find help. I'm in the process of making big (scary!) changes to my business as I add videography and I decided to reach out to Angie on a whim. She's been through this already and has had great success. I wasn't sure what to expect from our mentoring session, but she helped me find a clear path. What a relief! She was completely open about her entire process, sharing her success and failures so I could learn from them. Even though my focus was on business, she managed to include great tips on managing clients, shooting, and marketing. She's an invaluable resource! I'm super excited to start making changes to my business. Thanks so much, Angie!" HE

"My portfolio review with Angie was very thorough, and helpful in my growth as a photographer. She was incredibly insightful on how I can push my work further and more creatively. She gave sound business advice and practical info on how to take the next step in my business." RC

"Angie went beyond my expectations when it came to my website review and Q&A session. I knew that I needed more than online workshops to help me step up my game in such a saturated market of photographers. I needed a teacher and friend who was open, honest, and experienced. That person was Angie. Angie took the time to understand my needs and helped me to prioritize both as a photographer and mom. Answers to questions I had were thoughtfully answered and carefully explained. After my time with Angie, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my business with a better mindset and new goals. I've learned so much. Thank you Angie for everything." EK

"I had Angie review my portfolio and heading into it I wasn't exactly sure what to expect or how helpful it would be! After she met with me, I can honestly say that not only was it extremely helpful but she also took it very seriously and gave me all of her thoughts, details, and ideas, in the most positive and constructive way. She touched on a little bit of everything from light to composition and even a little bit of post-processing. Angie gave me suggestions for improvement and also things she really liked and why! I think this is exactly what I needed and I am so very happy I made the decision to invest in my business this way! Angie really made me feel like not only could I improve, but also that she really cared that I improve and am able to move my business forward!" AK

"I really enjoyed my time with you. I loved how you were objective about my work, objective about other photographer's work, and really took time going over your review with me. I feel confident now knowing which direction I should take. Also, what struck me was that you had a genuine desire to help me. You didn't try to upsell me in away way, you let me lead, if that makes sense. I didn't feel pressured to buy the next package, you gave me just what I wanted; an honest review." SK

"I loved our video mentoring sessions--they have been totally helpful! I'm very thankful for everything you have done for me. I have learned a lot."LK

"This has been really great! I think I've improved significantly and I'm so glad I invested with Angie!" JM

"Oh goodness! I totally get everything you said. This is all wonderful. You are so thoughtful in your critique. It was really helpful and made me think harder about how I will approach my next session." JN

"Once again you blow me away! Thanks so much for the feedback! This has truly been an amazing process. You are an amazing artist, an amazing teacher and a super kind person. I’m so glad I was able to work with you this year!" AK

"Angie was so accessible and helpful in shedding light into this transition. After talking to her and receiving the invaluable knowledge she has, it made so much sense! Angie is truly a professional. She is very knowledgeable and was a joy to work with!" LB

"I couldn’t have done this without you. You are amazing!" RC

"Angie is so easy to work with! She is very encouraging and willing to share all her knowledge. I would 100% work with Angie again." MC

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