Assignment Four: Finishing your Film and Reflection

Be sure that you have edited and refined your film so it is as emotive and impactful, and also as close to a seamless viewing experience as you can get it. If you have any questions, ask away!

Next, I would like you to watch it from start to finish and just sit back and appreciate your work and how far you have come.

Finally, please answer for me the following questions. Drop them in our FB group along with the link to your video.:

Remembering your WHY...tell me, what is the significance of this film for you?

Did you learn anything new (or confirm what you already knew) about your own creative voice and style through the process of evolving from photography to videography?

What aspects did you find challenging about creating your film?

Which parts of the process did you most enjoy?

How do you feel when you watch your film?

Did this project spark any future plans for your work? What are you excited to create next?