Assignment One: pulling focus

Turn your camera to video mode.

Hit the record button (red dot) to begin filming and to end filming after each clip.

Looking at the LCD screen in Live View, move your focal ring and practice pulling focus.

Begin in a well-lit space, with still objects.

Start at f/8 and practice pulling focus.

Then move down to f/4, followed by experimenting with wide open.

Move yourself and/or the objects to practice both closer and further away from you.

Then repeat the same exercise in a darker area or simply close the blinds/curtains.

Once you are comfortable with this, repeat the process in a well lit area with moving subjects. Perhaps kids playing or a pet moving around. Then try it in a darker space.

This exercise will give you a sense of the latitude you have with each focal plane and in different lighting conditions.

When you are done and feel comfortable pulling focus, pop into our Facebook group and let me know how this assignment went for you and share any questions/concerns.