Assignment two: Practicing Techniques and Planning for your Final Project Film

Incorporating what you have learned so far, practice each type of camera movement and each shot type from Lesson Seven at least once, aiming for very slow, stable movements. You can film everything in one or two clips if you'd like, or break them up. But please say the technique you are demonstrating aloud so I know while I'm watching. Pull clips into a folder on your computer and upload them to our Facebook group (start an assignment 2 thread) so I can see how your focus and camera movement is coming along and guide you if necessary. As always, share any questions/concerns with me. I’m happy to help!

  1. Rack focus

  2. Pan

  3. Tilt

  4. Pedestal

  5. Dolly

  6. Reveal shot

  7. Bird’s Eye arc shot

After you post your assignment, think about what you are interested in filming for your final project. For some it will be your very first film, and for others, it will still be a big step because you will be more inspired and more confident now with so much information under your belt. So, consider: What do you want to remember about your life right now? You can focus on a specific part of your day or routine, or you could film over a couple days. It could be as little as 10 minutes of time in which meaningful moments occur and are those which you want to preserve and remember. It might be all about details, an event, a person, a pet, a day in your life. It might be styled and planned in beautiful golden light, or you might shoot in the documentary style and approach it from a photojournalistic perspective, without any planning or guiding of your subjects.

It’s your choice, but it should be something that inspires you and moves you. I want it to be something you will treasure forever. And, I want it to be manageable for you. I’m talking 20-30ish clips. Don’t overdo yourself. There will be plenty of time later to make long, intricate films. The purpose of your final project is to create a little gift for yourself to honor all this effort learning and practicing.

When you have some ideas, share them with me in the group and we can discuss. Or if you are already certain what you’ll be shooting, then let me know that. You can be planning for that session or those shots you want to get in the coming days and weeks.