Lesson Fifteen: Staying Inspired

In addition to staying inspired through personal projects, where you can break rules and take risks without concern for client expectations, I encourage you to also watch professional films. Take mental note of techniques, timing, B-roll footage, music, and what moves you when you watch films. Also, attempt to try new things with your projects: use a novelty lens or prism, shoot in light that is out of your comfort zone, learn how to use time lapse and stop motion to add variety, switch up your music to something you wouldn’t normally choose. There are YouTubers who put out awesome videos for everything under the sun related to filmmaking...if you want to learn it, just search for the keywords! 

Some inspiring cinematographers you might like to follow on Vimeo and social media. Keep in mind that their styles vastly differ. Wedding films are usually very polished and are a much bigger production than family films, involving multiple cameras, microphones, special effects, drones, etc. Don’t play the comparison game. Our family film work is quite modest in comparison but can still be very moving and is extremely valuable to us and the families we serve.

  • Hailey Bartholomew

  • Riccardo Fasoli

  • Still Motion Films

  • Imaginale

  • Ray Roman

  • Xanthe Berkeley

  • Shark Pig Weddings

  • Mann Frau