Lesson Four: Stabilization Techniques

Filming stabilization.jpg

Try it now: 

Stand up
Place your strap across your back (sticky side out), over one shoulder
Lock elbows at your sides
Forearms outstretched holding camera
Swivel from the waist
Lunge out slowly and smoothly
Lean against a wall or door frame for stability
Hold breath briefly (helpful for important shots) and stabilize with your core
Feel like a cool kid with all these smooth moves ;) 

Alternative methods to stabilize without added gear:

Place strap behind neck and loop wrist through once for added stability, if desired. I find this to wear on my neck over a few hours so I prefer the wider/stronger point of contact of my back, but some prefer the neck method of stabilization. 

Place camera on hard surface such as ground or tabletop to stabilize.

Squat and place elbows on knees.

Roll across your feet from heel to ball to create slow, smooth footage. Keep your center of gravity low and avoid vertical movement.