Lesson Fourteen: Blending Videos into your Business

Here are some tips for how you can incorporate video into your business and market it to clients

  • Announce that you are now creating videos: consider sharing your final project film or another personal video project as a direct upload to FB and also as its own blog post and Instagram share. Get the word out however you can.

  • Build interest and excitement: share when you will begin scheduling film sessions and describe in a heartfelt way why you just can’t wait to make these for others! Maybe write a blog post on this alone either when you first start, or after you’ve done a couple projects so you have more experience to write about.

  • Consider hosting a giveaway or model call: a good way to get a couple films under your belt while having a good excuse to promote yourself far and wide and talk about films. Check out the one I hosted when I introduced films.

  • Types of sessions where you can create rich and emotive films or fusion videos: documentary maternity, birth, fresh 48, newborn lifestyle and documentary, family sessions, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings, cousin/grandparent sessions, vacation sessions, family reunions, and so many wonderful possibilities for indoor and outdoor family sessions.

  • Pricing for sustainability: Pricing is subjective and needs to be carefully considered taking into account your market, skill level, experience, offerings, etc. And now incorporating video you will need to account for your time shooting and editing videos, which is significant, but also don’t forget to consider your new expenses associated with videography, including any new gear, education, software, and online subscriptions like Vimeo. When determining your video pricing, think about what your current session offerings and cost are and what your current market will be willing to pay. You'll want to get a few projects under your belt before you can expect to be making what you hope to in the future. This means it's best to start with portfolio building rates along with a model call/giveaway (if you wish) and then move to more sustainable pricing as your skill and experience evolve and as your market allows.

Storytelling Begins Before the Session

Get as much of a family’s backstory as possible before a session, through a consultation and questionnaire, to enhance the meaning and emotion of your video stories. Be sure to discuss expectations, session flow, and gather background beforehand to help create their story in the most comfortable, honest, authentic way. 

Angie’s Family/Birth Session Workflow

Before the session:

Send/deliver welcome gift if desired

Prep for the job:

Make sure your batteries are charged, cards are cleared and formatted, you have the lenses you want and any audio equipment you plan to use.

The session:

When you arrive to your session, if you have not met them beforehand, establish rapport with the family by being lighthearted and relaxed. Let the kids know why you are there and what you are creating for them. If it’s a documentary session, remind them to just pretend you aren’t there and do as they normally would. You’ll let them know if you need them to look and smile. Then begin observing and documenting the story. Observe the setting, the mood, the light and surroundings. Observe each scene as it unfolds and use a variety of camera movements/perspectives/storytelling techniques to tell the story in interesting and artful ways. Don’t forget about meaningful details and B-roll footage. Be anticipating moments and connections. Above all, listen to the tug in your heart: when you see or hear something that moves you...capture that feeling! Your goal in creating a keepsake film should be to document the way it feels to be there on that day, in that moment, with those people. If you do that, you will be golden!    

After the session:

Upload and back-up files
Edit images
Edit film
Export and Upload
Share to blog/social media
Thank you to clients
Request for feedback