Lesson Thirteen: Sharing your Videos

  • Vimeo-Once you’ve created your vimeo.com account, you can begin uploading videos. Click the upload button and then “Choose files to upload” and find your file in the file manager that pops up. You can indicate the level of privacy at this step, also. While the file uploads to Vimeo’s servers and once it has finished uploading, you can give your video a title, description and search tags, and click onto each of the tabs to change privacy and customize appearance settings, add your video to a channel, group or album (I like to sort my videos into albums: baby, birth, family, and personal), change the URL and add a cover thumbnail (ie the title image you sent to your desktop). If you get the notice that your video may be too small, just ignore it as long as your video looks good to your eyes. Enable download for clients, and disable for public after you’ve shared. 


  • Facebook- Sharing the link from Vimeo will be better quality, but uploading a video directly to Facebook will get better reach. You should indicate that the viewers should click HD for best quality (depending on where they’re viewing, it might already be enabled, but sometimes they have to click it). On my business page, I sometimes play around with the settings (demographics, location, keywords) to funnel reach toward my target market. (ETA: make sure you are careful about using targeting settings, such as if you plan to post in non-local groups, don't restrict your settings to local areas). You can make presets for how to share videos and also for promotions. But the general idea is not to use my precious reach on, for example, older men who aren't likely to 1) click and 2) value my work or hire/recommend me. Another thing I do is once I post, I share it a few places. Just like everyone shares photos in these groups, it's totally ok to share videos if they fit into the group style! Don't be shy. This helps a ton with engagement. 


  • Instagram-Export a 60 second segment of your video in Premiere Pro by adjusting the in and out markers on your export screen. Upload to Dropbox or Google Drive, then share to Instagram! You can also upload multiple 60 second clips and the viewer can swipe to view.


  • IGTV (Instagram TV)-upload a longer film straight to Instagram using the IGTV feature! 


  • Embed on website/blog- Embed the Vimeo link