The Birth of Andrew : Northern Virginia Home Birth Photographer

The change of leaves this year brought with it three beautiful births I had the honor of documenting. Today I'm sharing the fusion video birth story of baby Andrew, whose amazing and powerful mama birthed him peacefully into the water at home. It's always a wonderful thing to witness the village of support at a birth, and even more special when siblings and family are present in the home to help welcome baby and tend to mama. It was so sweet to witness Andrew's brother and sister interacting with him and loving him tenderly right from the start. Thank you to the M family for inviting me to document this momentous and wonder-filled day. I will never forget the strength and love I witnessed among you.

As always, it is a joy and honor to serve mothers alongside BirthCare midwives of Alexandria as I did for this birth.

Life in Motion: November

For our November Life in Motion video blog circle, I am sharing a fusion video of a baby boy's glorious birth on September 11th of this year. After a fairly quick natural labor, during which his father supported his mother beautifully, baby Colin joined us earthside and let it be known that he was a big, healthy BOY amid shrieks of joy in the delivery room. Colin is welcomed with love as the third child in this sweet family. As we all marveled over his perfection and alertness in the hours after birth, the love and gratitude was palpable, and his parents remarked that they were so thankful to have this child whose birthday would forever be a beacon of light for them on that day.

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The Birth of Cantor : Alexandria, Virginia Birth Photographer

When I met up with them before the big day, this expectant couple warmed my heart with their sheer joy and excitement at the prospect of growing their family. They didn't seem to have the typical nerves in anticipation of such a momentous life event; they were simply over the moon to meet their son and become parents.

Rachel arrived to the hospital in the dark and early hours of the morning, and while the sun rose outside the window, her partner and birth team supported her beautifully as she summoned her deepest strength to bring her baby into the world. Cantor, you are one blessed little man to be so loved and cherished. I have no doubt your photographer mama (Rachel of Rachel K Photo) will be documenting your childhood in beautiful photos...and I'm so honored to have captured the story of your birth in photos and video for her.

As always, it was a privilege to work alongside my amazing doula friend Liz Oldham of Creating Your Calm Birth.

Here are some photo highlights, and the best part...a custom birth story fusion video below!

Life in Motion: August

Being a birth photographer is so much more than showing up to whip out my camera and photograph a baby being born. It is an intense and rich experience; one that imprints on me every time I share that sacred space with a laboring mother and her eager-to-support partner, and each time I witness a baby opening its eyes for the very first time.

For my first 'Life in Motion' video blog circle post, I'm sharing a fusion video that I created this month. It is a chronicle of a birth journey that spanned into three days and is a testament to the power and strength of a birthing mother and the dedication of her support team.

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