"Somehow, Angie captured who our toddler daughter truly is in a way our iphone videos never could - all her quirkiness and craziness, her little voice, her funny made up songs and silly smile, the way my husband and I interact with her, how much we love her, everything. And she did it while completely endearing herself to us and our daughter. Babyhood goes by so fast, and as a tired first-time mom who's muddling her way through, I feel like there is already so much I don't remember. And that's why this video means so much to my husband and me. We get to keep these little moments forever."


"When you set out to pick a birth photographer you don’t know what is going to happen at your birth. You see her pictures, you love her style and you are excited that she will be their on one of the most important days of your life, but you have no idea what she will capture. I was in labor for 52 hours with my first baby boy and Angie was there to capture every minute of it. We contacted her early in the morning and to let her know that labor had begun and she was very quick to respond and even met us at our home to capture the sweet moments there with my husband before we left for the hospital. Then, she stayed with us for the long 3 days capturing every moment perfectly. The words that were spoken, the tears, the hugs, the struggle and the love. When we asked Angie to be with us, I didn't understand how her work would be such an important part of my healing after a long birth that did not go “as planned.” Not only did she capture the moments but her presence in the birthing room was such a calm delight. Her sweet demeanor was a joy to have with us the whole birth. When my birth ended in a c-section and Angie was not allowed into the OR, she rushed to find someone who had camera knowledge and wanted/was willing to take the pictures of our little man emerging. I dare say it is not easy for a photographer to let her camera go, but she did so that we would have those precious pictures. We were most impressed by her faithfulness to stay with us for the entire birth. Not only is Angie a treasure to work with, her pictures and videos are outstanding. I have not watched our birth video without crying sweet tears. I literally could not say HIRE HER loud enough! Angie, Thank you! You will forever hold a special place in our hearts and we have your video and pictures to treasure forever."


"Angie has been capturing our family for the last 3 years. I say capturing because with Angie, it's not a photographer. It's literally someone who comes in and captures the essence of who you are as a family, who you are as a mother, as a father, as a sister, as a daughter...and pulls your story together as if she sees you live your life every day. She sees the memories as much in the tears as in the smiles, as much in the mess and chaos as in the clean and perfect. Somehow she knew that the picture of my daughter crying on my lap after falling off her bike would be one of my most treasured pictures of the whole session. As a mother, every day you look at your family, and at your children, and do your best to imprint those moments on your heart and mind in a way that you can pull them back up in twenty years when these days are all but gone. Having Angie capture some of those moments was an amazing experience, and the pictures we have that tell a story of who we are as a family and who my children are as sisters to each other, went far beyond what I could have hoped for."


angie klaus photography-1-3.jpg

"We want to sincerely thank Angie for her creativity, utmost professionalism, and ability to capture those unique, heartfelt moments with our girls. Filming a day in the life of a triplet family is a tall order, but she was equal to the task. As parents to triplets, it is very easy to get caught up in the fast-paced blur of life (aka being in survival mode)...cranking through diaper changes, feeds, and nap times, etc. and to truly lose sight of the moment. Not taking in the time to truly appreciate or cherish the here and now...always thinking ahead to tomorrow, the next week, the next month...when will they walk...when will they talk... You can become blinded to the little miracles and blessings that occur each and every day and suffer the pitfall of not living in the present remembering the special moments that can quickly fade into oblivion...the little twinkle of a girls eye when mom walks into a room. The joy of tasting something new. The comfort of daddy's embrace when you have a boo-boo. Through Angie's visionary approach to filmmaking, we now have chronicled these sentimental moments forever--moments which may otherwise have been lost to the passage of time. You can't place a price tag on that. Thank you for your genius and providing this keepsake for us to cherish in the years to come."


"Angie gave us memories for a lifetime! We were so pleased with all the lovely pictures - there are too many to choose from for hanging in our house! She was professional, creative, and really worked to take a snapshot of our daily lives. My mom remarked after viewing the pics, "A day in the life of a loved child." She really did capture our smiles, laughs, and bulging hearts for our little boy just so..."


"It has been a pleasure having Angie photograph our family twice a year for the past three years. We feel like we are working with a friend during our photo sessions while also having fun. She has captured our son from his infancy through preschool years- his curiosity, smiles, active and silly personality shine through her work. Angie’s caring manner, professionalism, attention to detail, and quality of her images are superb. Her photos are beautiful and truly capture the love between all of us. They are a gift we will cherish forever."


"Angie came into our home and captured a slice of our life unobtrusively, creatively, honestly, and beautifully. These are images I will treasure always. I can't recommend this documentary type of session enough - especially for young families. You will want to remember these seemingly mundane mornings when your babies are grown - bubble blowing in the back yard, snuggles over books - Angie will capture these pieces of your life with her incredible talent."


"Angie photographed the birth of our second daughter and was amazing to work with! In the weeks leading up to the birth she was in touch with us to make sure she understood the type of images we wanted and what our expectations were for her role in the labor/delivery room. The day of the birth, she stayed in regular contact with our doula, and her arrival at the hospital could not have been more perfectly timed. And, I can't say enough about Angie's presence during the actual birth. I wasn't sure if in the moment it might feel weird to have a camera on me during such a personal and intimate time, but Angie has a way of making you forget the camera is there and took beautiful pictures while being respectful of hospital staff and our doula. I look back at some of my favorite images and think, how did she get those without me realizing she was so close?! The slideshow and gallery she put together for us are so special, and we will forever be grateful that she was a part of our daughter's big day."


"Angie has been taking photos of our family in the four years we have been living in Northern Virginia, and, amazingly, she always seems to out-do herself each time. Her laid-back style and friendly, earnest demeanor makes the process so easy and captures the kids organically. I could not be happier with the images and will proudly plaster them everywhere! Thanks so much, Angie, for capturing our life moments."


"We love the photos more than we ever could have imagined. I'm so grateful to have had you there to help, coach, and encourage me throughout the difficult hours of labor. You were as much a part of our journey as we were with how you managed to capture it. I am unbelievably happy that I made the decision to have you document this momentous occasion." 


"Our newborn lifestyle session with Angie was given to us as a gift, and it will always be special to us! She captured some of our earliest moments with our little guy that would have otherwise gone undocumented in those first, hectic days at home. Even now, just a few months later, we look back at those pictures as special memories of just how tiny and fragile he was! Angie has a calm, inviting demeanor that makes her so easy to work with."